Guide on Planning a Corporate Video

We love what we do here at Stordeo.  Making all kinds of videos, whether small or large, keeps life interesting, allows us to diversify and as a result, we can produce great videos that are tailored to suit both your requirements and your budget.  Whilst video is a powerful and engaging communication tool, it can also be used as a persuasive marketing tool, or to simply just tell a story.  Companies are constantly searching for ways to create content that engages and entertains their audience rather than just promoting or selling their products.


All you need is the right content aimed at the right audience and any business can create an engaging and high quality video to strengthen your relationship with existing customers, as well as bringing in new leads.


Below is our team’s simple guide to creating this:-


1.             Decide on your marketing strategy and focus on stories that expand this


What is the purpose of your video?  Are you planning on securing new customers, promoting a product, looking for new employees, or simply raising brand awareness.  Once you have agreed on the purpose, think about what your company offers and how you can best capture this through video.  Customers’ references or testimonials are a great way to showcase value, not just for your products, but customer service too. You can even make a short documentary featuring a client and your product.  Providing detailed product overviews on either new, or existing products helps those new to your company learn more about your products so they can make an informed decision before purchasing.  Videos providing tips or explaining how to do something, further showcases your expertise to consumers and that will never be a bad thing.


2.             Have a well thought out plan and execute it


It is time to get things done.  As Gordon B Hinckley once said “You can't plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind”. Once you have decided on the purpose of your video, it is time to assign a budget to this, decide on the resources and timeline you will need to pull it off and begin to allocate tasks.  Gather your team together and collaborate, collaborate, collaborate, or alternatively, hire some professionals who can bring your creative thinking to life.


3.             Concentrate on the story-telling element of your video to engage your audience


The important thing here, is to connect with your audience and that starts by telling a good story.  Not all stories will have the desired effect of drawing in your audience - look for the stories that would have the strongest impact, whilst keeping it short and simple.  Think of inventive ways to connect your skills or products to trending topics or day to day problems.  Trending topics will normally get the most attention.  Discuss this with your team, to see how you can best position yourselves and translate interesting or exciting aspects of your company into video.


4.             Good quality video is key


Whilst your video does not have to look like it was created in Hollywood, there is no need for it to look like it was created by an amateur.  If you want to guarantee that your corporate video has a strong impact, hire professionals.  Ask for recommendations from other businesses or friends, review the work of those you would like to choose and discuss your budget and ideas.  Here at Stordeo, we can provide everything from concept to production, based on your budget requirements.  Check us out at



5.             Market and distribute


Once your video is made to your specifications and you are happy with it, market and distribute it.   YouTube is a great place to start and its’ results will show up on the most popular search engines.  The video is not complete until it has been seen by your audience, so don’t stop there.  Use all your social media channels to promote and spread your video. 


Well, that’s it for the Stordeo team.  Get you team together and start working on your next big idea!!