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We are passionate about what we do. We set ourselves a high standard which we will not compromise on.  We will help you plan the best mix of on-location filming, green-screen filming, animation and graphics and cutting edge techniques to bring the best out of your video.


3 steps to a great video


Over time we have worked tirelessly to device the optimum process to create high quality video at an affordable price.  We have kept just the activities that add the most value to your video. We have passed on the efficiency and reduced the cost to you.


1. Concept - planning

Always beginning with the end in mind, we believe taking time to plan your video ensures your story-line, key messaging, branding that you want to show is front & centre. Planning infographics, imagery and who features in the video is very important. You can do you own planning, or ask us to work with you.

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2. Capture - filming

Filming is all about the equipment, location and expertise. By booking the studio for a few hours gives you high-end cameras, lighting solution, audio mixing and our amazing, friendly crew to set up the green screen if required. In that time, we may also film other shots to complement the studio shoot as required in the brief.

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3. Create - editing

Final step is about creating the high quality video that tells your amazing story that you will be proud.  We have the expertise, tools and passion to make your video come to life. We aim to do things right first time by first understanding what you really need and so avoiding needless re-work and waste. 

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Quality is about getting it right first time. Surely, if you don’t have time to do it right first time, you won’t find the time to do it all over again
— Founder, Stordeo
The results were amazing, and I didn’t have to learn all the techno jargon for video production, the team spoke to me in a way I could understand it all
— Mark, Greater London
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail
— Benjamin Franklin